Quellcode 16.9 - 17.9.2023, Heizhaus Nürnberg


Quellcode is an event of the Nuremberg Hackspace 0x90.space. All people are invited to exchange ideas and try out new things with people from hackspaces and artists during talks, workshops or just for fun.


TL;DR We are operating our own small telephony network with DECT and SIP connectivity during Quellcode. (This is independent of Eventphone and µPOC, so will have different numbers and user accounts!) Bring your DECT handsets! :) How do I use this? Phone book You can find an up-to-date phone book at https://dect.site/. Dial-in from the public telephone network The event telephone network can also be reached from outside. +49 941 38 3388...

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You can reach us over: Email: people@schleuder.0x90.space Matrix: https://matrix.to/#/#quellcode:chat.heizhaus.org Imprint: here

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Where can I stay for the night? We have an accommodation exchange where you can offer and search for accommodation. How can I help? (shift schedule) We have a shift plan and we are still looking for many helpers :) How do I get to the event location (Heizhaus)? Address: Heizhaus, Wandererstrasse 89, 90431 Nuremberg With the Metro: The event location is near the subway station Eberhardshof. When you get there, it is best to go out of the station in the direction of the “Netto” supermarket (you can see it in the distance) and then pass it on the right....

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We want to estimate how many people will come and how much food we have to prepare, that is why we kindly ask you to fill out this registration form. Registration form Of course you can also come without registration, but don’t eat too much ;)

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Program and Rooms

Site plan In addition to our program in the lecture/workshop room, we will also have a hack center (aka a large room with tables and chairs) where you can sit, program and do mini-workshops without registration. Program from 10 a.m. there is eternal breakfast in the “Brücke” (room in front of the lecture/workshop room) Please check out the program at the German page. There will be talks held in english, which are marked with [en]....

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Save the date!

The 0x90.space is inviting to the “Quellcode” at the Heizhaus Nürnberg (Wandererstr. 89c, 90431 Nürnberg) from 9/16 - 9/17/2023. The goal is to bring people from different backgrounds together to learn from each other. An opportunity to share experiences and to be creative with technology (or without). We have a talk/workshop room that fits about 20 people and a larger hackcenter with tables and chairs for 50-100 people where you can sit, talk and show your projects....

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This page was machine-translated Awareness You can contact the awareness team if you have experienced discrimination or harassment, want to deal with conflicts or emotions or simply need someone to talk to. The team members will listen to you and, if necessary, consider with you what possible courses of action are available. Contact Phone: +4915510469518 Email: awareness@schleuder.0x90.space DECT: 113 To write to us by encrypted email, there is this PGP key with the following fingerprint:...

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